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24 Apr 2012 by Leca | Site

by Luna @ 24 Apr 2012 04:43 pm
English? Well, let's try this laughing I'll into those smiles but I have no idea at all how to change them.
Second our Sammy has hundred and one nicknames and dad calls him Sam only when they're training obedience. So we call him Ňouma, trotle, osel, Saminek, Ušoplesk and many others. But ňouma is the most favorite one :D
And Berňák is gorgeous dog, dad would love to have him at home too, but our flat isn't large enough laughing
by Luna @ 24 Apr 2012 06:10 pm
It's just so not fair, that we can't have really big dog in place we live. Grandma has a attached house and garden big enough for some bigger dog, but she's more a cat person, so Ňouma has to stay in our flat and he is the biggest dog who could actually live hear and feel comfortable.
And I have same experience with jokšír. When Sammy was about 4 month or so, he was already bigger than any jorkšír, but when we met one, jorkšír put Sammy on his back. I was laughing soo hard laughing laughing
by Luna @ 25 Apr 2012 11:49 am
Oh really? That's exactly what I don't get. People with big big garden and all they get is some small doggie.
And yeah, that jork was sharp :D Sammy went home with tail between his legs, but since then he holds a grudge against jorks :D And why should you stop? :D It's fun learn things about other people's dogs :D
The avatars, thanks, thanks. Wanted to do some for a really long time. It's series of books and the first was remade as a movie. Movie was good but books are way better. :D
by Luna @ 04 May 2012 09:11 pm
Your Fatima seems to be pretty good hunter :D Sammy would be more likely scared from the fish and if he cought it he wouldn't know what to do with it :D

And yeah google it :) If you want i have epub or lit format of all her books. Or most of it :D
by SunnyWill @ 07 May 2012 05:38 pm
Keďže ja mám v škole english viac než dosť tak vám tu zkazím vašu krásnu anglickú konverzáciu nudnou slovenčinou tongue laughing V prvom rade ďakujem za pochvalu wallpaperov shame love
A ak si sa ešte nedostala k prečítaniu trilógie Darkest Powers tak to musíš okamžite napraviť!

A gratulujem k ďalšiemu krásnemu čísielku na počítadle a želám ešte ve¾a takýchto krásnych okrúhlych čísiel love

Ou a mám taký pocit že som ešte nekomentovala tento prekrásny design...shame on me!Ale je úžasný love tongue laughing
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