30 May 2012 | Leca | Art | 14 Comments
This year's TV Shows season is more or less over ... I must admit that this year was a bit controversial ... Let's see: terrible terrible Secret Circle, boring Lying game... The worst season of House and Gossip girl ever.

On the other hand, this year brought us Once upon a time, a shade better season of Supernatural (comparing with the last year season), a brilliant TBBT with aww HIMYM and interesting season of Glee ... I am not by far in the half of my watching list, but if I am gonna say a word for every TV Show I watch, we will be here till tomorow... So swiftly move on to the graphics ...

END (BtVS & ATS) - first of all - forgotten wall, which occupies DW header.
Travis & Pidge (Beautiful Disaster) - book, which carries so many stupid scenes it makes it great ... It has been long time since I read anything like that.
Perfect (Glee) - this season of Glee - like I sad - aww season! It even whipped out the second season bad memories.
I'd run away (Glee) - I really don't want to suggest anything with this! :smile: I just liked these two promos ... that's why this "couple."
Always (Gossip Girl) - I sincerely hoped that producers will cut this "sugar candy" but.. they DID NOT. So see you next season GG.
Power (Once upon a time) - for me this year's favorite season premire. Not one episode was boring!
Spoby (Pretty Little Liars) - some say it's a jumble of GG and SN ... mhm, I would say that it's a weak decoction of both. Anyway, this couple make it watchable!
Expecting (Pretty Little Liars) - hehe, expected scene that I (I confess) watched more than twice...

07 May 2012 | Leca | Art | Full story 7 Comments
I get sort of inspired by Michelle and after a very long time I opened Photoshop, not for making wallpapers, but to committed icons/avatars. It seems like this is easy work, but the opposite is true. The small space is incredibly hard to fill ...
See more in the full story. cool

Over 60.000 visitors
24 Apr 2012 | Leca | Site | Full story 5 Comments
Hey SHs! I noticed that DW attendance has topped over 60,000 visitors. Wow, that's A NUMBER. Anyway, many thanks to all of you. Without you there would not be any DW, so thnx again! BTW - somehow I miss English, so there is a new resolution: "From now updates in this beloved language!" angel devil (I'll see how long it will be fun.) Ehm, sorry I am kind of rusty. Grammar never was my strong side...

award in full story

Light up the world...
11 Apr 2012 | Leca | Site | 6 Comments
... cause the end is comming. Tak nějak bych mohla charakterizovat letošní jarní design. Je to jeden z těch rozporuplných looků. Na jednu stranu se na něm snoubí světlost a oranžová - dvě věci, které nemám moc v lásce, ale na stranu druhou je na headeru manipulace
Buffy a Angela, kteří jsou docela solidní protiváhou.

Možná si říkáte, že Chuck a Blair nedostali moc prostoru, ale na můj vkus si tady pobyli hodnou chvíli a je čas nechat GG za sebou (blah *angel*). Předešlý look najdete jako vždy v sekci past. Současný vzhed je optimalizovaný pro Mozillu, ale i EI či v O a Chromu by měl na 99% fungovat nerozházeně. Kdyby jste narazili na nějaký kiks - hoďte echo.

Nakonec jen to, že tento jarní look tady bude nejpíš až do léta, protože stáž mě začíná zaměstnávat opravdu poctivě a k tomu se zapojuju do chodu nejen tohoto grafického koutku. To mi připomíná - určitě koukněte na intox nebo DA, kde právě probíhá grafická soutěž o zajímavé ceny.

A to už by mělo být vše... Mějte se krásně!

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