Mercy Thompson strikes
07 Aug 2012 | Leca | Art | 9 Comments

Mhm, asi mě museli polat nějaké naštvané fae a uvěznit mě "Pod Kopcem" jinak si totiž nedokážu vysvětlit onu dlouhou DW odmlku... Ale jak vidíte, podařilo se mi uniknout a tak Vás můžu zase trápit svými otřesnýmu PS výtvory.

Po pár dnech na FF a výhře jisté knihy jsem byla nucena zavítat do knihkupectví a dokoupit k prvnímu dílu Mercy Thompson i ty zbývající... CZ re-reading přinesl: zesílení obliby Adama, připomenutí si, že Ben je omg a konečně, že tyhle knihy jsou tím nejlepším co jsem kdy o vlcích četla...
Lost (Mercy Thompson) - tento kousek je k Silver Borne... ti kdo četli, pochopí...

Thank you (Mercy Thompson) - a druhý wall k těmto vlčím knihám je s hlavní dvojící a jedou oblíbenou quote...

Heaven (BtVS & ATS) - jednoduchý wallpaper, kdy jsem si pohrála jen s očkama Buff. Takový test, dalo by se říct.

Creature (Bloodlines) - a poslední je grafická Golden Lily katastrofa. Kniha byla lepší jak první díl (ehm DIMITRI!), takže ti z Vás, kteří ještě nečetli - vesele do toho ( to platí i u Mercy - že Sue?!)

Fajn, to by mělo být všechn, doufám, že si užíváte prázdniny/dovolené... Ehm, tolik k mému předsevzetí aktualizovat v EN. devil

Strawberry avatars look
17 Jun 2012 | Leca | Site | 6 Comments

Well it's going to be over two moths since I made Buffy and Angel look... And It was realy "shiny" in here so... I decided to manage new design - dark one. Muhehe.

This time there's NO specific main header. I just collected same of mine old old old avatars and sort of arranged them together... (Awkward... But I had mood for something different and had no inspiration and was lazy to create some complicated header). About the coloring - well, I kinda prefer dark colors and to be hones with black and gray looks red just perfect...

This design is going to be in here moth maybe two - again... But I can promise you, that the next one is going to have proper header and... well, in this moment I am "reading" Golden Lily so you can guess who is going to be on it... laughing
Okay, hope you'll enjoy this dark red/grey version...

SOTM and DA 2011
07 Jun 2012 | Leca | Site | 2 Comments
Okay, today it's going to be fast. Just have to show you this aww award, that DW received from Holiday from Real. Many thanks Jay. wink

Then I also finally managed to upload awarda from DA 2011 You can find them here.

And the last thing... I would like to invite to this year's TWILIGHTCON. So don't hesitate to come ...

30 May 2012 | Leca | Art | 11 Comments
This year's TV Shows season is more or less over ... I must admit that this year was a bit controversial ... Let's see: terrible terrible Secret Circle, boring Lying game... The worst season of House and Gossip girl ever.

On the other hand, this year brought us Once upon a time, a shade better season of Supernatural (comparing with the last year season), a brilliant TBBT with aww HIMYM and interesting season of Glee ... I am not by far in the half of my watching list, but if I am gonna say a word for every TV Show I watch, we will be here till tomorow... So swiftly move on to the graphics ...

END (BtVS & ATS) - first of all - forgotten wall, which occupies DW header.
Travis & Pidge (Beautiful Disaster) - book, which carries so many stupid scenes it makes it great ... It has been long time since I read anything like that.
Perfect (Glee) - this season of Glee - like I sad - aww season! It even whipped out the second season bad memories.
I'd run away (Glee) - I really don't want to suggest anything with this! :smile: I just liked these two promos ... that's why this "couple."
Always (Gossip Girl) - I sincerely hoped that producers will cut this "sugar candy" but.. they DID NOT. So see you next season GG.
Power (Once upon a time) - for me this year's favorite season premire. Not one episode was boring!
Spoby (Pretty Little Liars) - some say it's a jumble of GG and SN ... mhm, I would say that it's a weak decoction of both. Anyway, this couple make it watchable!
Expecting (Pretty Little Liars) - hehe, expected scene that I (I confess) watched more than twice...

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